Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Les Maisons et les 5 sens

On Monday, we got together in our "houses" to meet with our group.  We made posters of our animals to put outside the classrooms.

"In my group we coloured our names and then put ink on our finger and stamped over our name," said Kendra.

"My group made owls with our names on them and stuck them on a big tree," said Holly.

Yesterday, we did different centres for the 5 senses.

Here is what we thought of the centres...

Quinn - My favourite centre was the smelling centre, because we got to smell something and guess what it was.

Sabrina - I liked the smelling centre.

Sadie - I liked the touch centre with the play dough. 

Hudson - I liked the listening centre.  We listened to a story.

Sloan - My favourite was the I Spy centre. We got to look through a paper with eyes on it and we got to see what it would look like with certain eye diseases.

Nathan - I liked playing 5 senses Bingo.

Cavan - I just liked all the centres!


  1. Looks like you're doing lots of interesting work in your class. See you next time!
    - Mme Ager

  2. So great to see them doing lots of fun stuff with senses. Anything tactile is fun!