Friday, November 1, 2013

C'est l'Halloween!

On Wednesday, we met with our "maison" groups.  All of the students in the school are separated and paired off with a teacher and other students in grades 1 through 5.  This week each "maison" chose an animal team name and made up a cheer.  We all met in the gym and performed our cheers.

"Yesterday was Halloween and we had so much fun!" - Kendall

This week...

"We made Halloween books in English and French." - Kendra

"We made a picture of a skeleton with macaroni." - Carter (3)

"We made sponge art with paint.  Some people made jack-o-lanterns, bats and ghosts" - Carter (4)

"We went through the haunted house in the gym." - Josh

"We did Smarties Math and we got to eat the Smarties." - Maiya

Students also thought of what they can hear, see, smell, touch and taste on Halloween night.  We did some spider Math, finding different ways to make 5 and some paper rip Art (candy corns).

"I love Halloween!" - Carter (3)

Students also had lots of fun this week with Halloween centres on Halloween morning.  The grade ones were paired up with a grade two student.  The kids then got to do many fun activities together.  During the afternoon, we had a parade in the gym.  There were so many great costumes!  Today, we all got to wear our pyjamas.

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  1. Everyone worked so hard this week and I had so much fun! I hope everyone else did too!