Monday, November 11, 2013

Le jour du souvenir - Remembrance Day

This past week, we learned about Remembrance Day.  We read Faithful Elephants by Yukio Tsuchiya.

We also learned about poppies.

We had many discussions and shared our thoughts and feelings about Remembrance Day.

Here are a few of the things we learned and some of our thoughts about Remembrance Day:

Ellie - "We love soldiers because they protect us."

Nathan - "Soldiers help our country."

Kendall - "At our school we don't fight, we play nice."

Josh - "Soldiers died for us.  That's why we wear a poppy."

Holly - "Poppies grew in the fields where the soldiers died."

Carter (4) - "For the Remembrance Day ceremony, we got to wear a poppy."

We did some French writing about Remembrance Day.

Using sponges and poppy seeds, we made poppy Art.

We worked as a team to make a Remembrance Day wreath for the ceremony in the Gym. 


We also discussed and wrote about how we can be good citizens at school.

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