Friday, November 15, 2013

Our A-maze-ing Grade 3 Buddies!

On Thursday, we met with our grade 3 buddies from Mme Gaunce's classroom.  The grade 3's shared the mazes they designed and built.  We started off with our buddy and then got to switch and go with some of the other grade 3's.  Each of our partners explained how they made their maze and how it worked. So cool and so much fun!

Here's what we thought of the mazes:

Josh - "It was fun! We had to try and get to the end or the other side."

Carter (4) - "There were lots of hockey mazes!"

Maiya - "We had fun with the grade 3's."

Bailey - "I think the whole class loved it."

Thanks grade 3 buddies and Mme Gaunce! Can't wait until next time!

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  1. Sloan loved her buddy. Older kids are always lots of fun for the little guys!