Thursday, October 10, 2013

Leaf Art

Leaves are falling...

Last Friday we went outside to collect leaves with our grade 3 buddies. 

"It was exciting!" - Holly

"We found green, purple, yellow and some brown leaves." - Cavan.

"We collected lots of leaves!" - Anabeth

Then, we sketched our leaves. 

"We had to look at the leaves." - Kendra  

"We had to look for lines." - Quinn 

"We picked two leaves and drew them." - Hudson 

"It was fun!" - Ellie



Maiya wanted to share this short poem she made up:

Leaves are falling down.
Everywhere on the ground.
Red, orange, yellow, green.

"We loved drawing the leaves!" - Quinn


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Madam!

    -Sloan and crew

  2. Merci Sloan et famille! I hope everyone had a fantastic long weekend.
    - Mme Lines