Friday, April 15, 2016

TIA with Gaby

We explored many different genres of music, from Jazz to Rock and Roll to Blues, as well as different music across Canada. We grooved to the music and even made our own music. We could also make different sounds using different parts of our bodies and our voices. Music allows us to express our feelings too. What fun!

Friday, April 8, 2016

70 ou 90?

We have become very confident in our counting, but sometimes still have trouble with 70 and 90, en français. Thanks to Mme Bellefeuille's website and her helpful trick, we are remembering our 70's and 90's better now! We thought these posters are really cool too!

Les Doubles, les doubles +1 and Read to someone

This week we have been reviewing and practicing our doubles and continuing to work on doubles plus one (near doubles). We love practicing in centres!

We have been doing a great job of Read to Self, so this week we started to practice how to Read to Someone.  Reading is so much fun!