Friday, January 10, 2014

Wow! December was busy!


At the beginning of the month we had a 'Plastic bag assembly' with Mr. Ethans.

We went to a plastic bag assembly with Mr. Ethans again. - Quinn

We won a bench and two birdhouses. - Carter (4)

We collected lots of plastic bags and because we had so much we won the recycled bench and houses. - Anabeth

Our school came in second in Manitoba. - Sloan 

École Robert Browning collected approximately 31000 bags. Bravo!

We also went on a fieldtrip to the Manitoba Museum. 

We went to the Manitoba Museum. - Kendra

I liked the polar bear eating the seal with the lights changing from day to night. - Cavan

My favourite part was the old movie theatre. - Hudson

The science gallery was fun! - Rya

I liked seeing the bison. - Janna

I liked the pulley chairs in the science gallery. - Carter (3)

I liked the 5 senses tasting the ice cream. - Quinn

I liked the bat cave. - Carter (4)

I loved the matrix mirror room. - Sabrina 

We also did some fun Math centres.

We got to do 6 different centres - Quinn

I liked playing addition war. - Hudson

I love the dice game filling in the squares of the star. - Carter (4)

I really liked the star centre too. - Cavan

I liked making patterns. - Kendra 

I liked the centre with the trains. We had to spin a spinner and put that many blocks in and see how many more to make 10. - Sadie

This was some of the fun things we did this month. We also did Christmas Math centres, fun activities with our grade 3 buddies, Christmas crafts and so much more!

Here are some great pictures!

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  1. Looks like you had so much fun! Makes me wish it was Christmas again:)